One member of the "Duck Dynasty" clan is sharing how his family's rise to fame nearly killed him. 

Reed Robertson - Jase and Missy's son - tells he developed an inflated ego.  He explains that he became "really cynical" and started "looking down on other people," which destroyed all his friendships and "led to thoughts of suicide." He adds that he told his youth minister, but it was a conversation with his parents that turned things around. 


Reed explains that when his dad told him "it's the most selfish thing you can do," those words rang true for him, and got him reconsidering his situation.  He says he's now "back on track with Jesus." 

And Reed isn't the only member of the family who ever considered taking his own life.  Si Robertson revealed in his recently published memoir that his son Scott has been "suicidal" most of his life.  He also said when he was a kid his mother had been diagnosed with manic depression.