TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - "A modern super-hero for the future." 

That's how Nike's Creative Director for Football, Todd Van Horne, describes how he believes players will look in the new Bucs' uniform.


That's how one fan describes the look that incorporates a brighter red, pewter-colored shoulders, a strip of orange for old time's sake and digital-styled jersey numbers with a reflective boarder.

The Buccaneers have re-tooled their logo and uniform to coincide with a new coach and new GM. 

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"We've got a whole new generation of fans and we felt--let's start with a new, exciting chapter in Buccaneer history with a new coach, new look and hopefully replicate all the success in the last jersey," said Bucs co-chairman Edward Glazer.

The new merchandise will go on sale April 1st at Buccaneer.com, Nike.com and NFLShop.com.

Photo Credit Tampa Bay Buccaneers