PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (970 WFLA) – Pinellas Park police say they've tracked down a man wanted on a warrant for child molestation that was on the loose.

Police say they have arrested 25-year-old Jesse Sawyer Junior Friday afternoon.

Detectives say Sawyer was at a church that was giving him a place to stay and detained him for an hour, waiting for confirmation of the warrant.

“Due to the amount of time that had gone by and the inability to confirm the warrant, the decision was made at the scene to release him from our custody,” Geissenberger said.

Then the warrant came back, and police returned to the church. However, police said Sawyer had already left.



Pinellas Park Police are searching for a suspect.

Late Thursday night, March 27, Pinellas Park Police say they received information from the Troy, N.Y. Police Department that Jesse P. Sawyer was at 8900 US 19 and had an active warrant issued by the FBI.

Police say they went to the location, 8900 US highway 19 N. and reached Sawyer who was cooperative with the investigation. Police say they learned that there was a warrant in the system for the arrest of Sawyer and they initiated confirmation procedures with the FBI.

Police then say they did not receive a response from the FBI in reference to the request, so telephone contact was established. Police say the person they spoke to at the FBI could not confirm the warrant and was making telephone calls to an unidentified agent to confirm this. An hour had passed from the time they initiated contact with Sawyer, police said, and they had no received warrant confirmation. So, police say it was decided that the suspect would be released from the scene due to not receiving a hit confirmation.

A short while later, police say they received confirmation for Sawyer. They say they returned to the area and learned Sawyer was gone. Police say they started a search with a sheriff's office helicopter as well as Pinellas Park Police K-9 teams, but didn’t find him.

Photo Credit Pinellas Park Police Department