HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (970 WFLA) – An alert truck stop worker is being credited with spotting a missing Valrico teen and a 41-year-old man she was thought to be traveling with, according to Hillsborough authorities.

Deputies say due to national media attention in this case, people at a local truck stop in Grosse TeteLouisiana notified the Iberville Sheriff Office when they recognized Steven Myers and Ashley Lyon walk into the store.

“There was an Amber Alert posted for friends of Nancy Grace’s show and from the Amber Alert on our Facebook and she recognized both of them,” a woman named Mary said, who says she works at the truck stop.

Deputies say they were notified just before 1 a.m. Friday morning that the Iberville Sheriff's Office had 16-year-old Ashley Lyon and 41-year-old Steven Patrick Myers in custody. Ashley was reported missing earlier in the week and was suspected of traveling with Myers, deputies said. Once she was found, Ashley’s father, Roger Lyon, thanked the community for spreading the word to help find her.

“Hashtag find Ashley and help find Ashley Lyon on Facebook as well as the media, social media

friends, family getting the message out, has ended this part of the nightmare for my family,” Lyon said.

Early Thursday, when authorities arrived at the truck stop to check on the spotting of Lyon and Myers, they found the two in a pickup truck and tried to stop them. Myers who was driving the truck, refused to pull over and drove 40 miles until the truck couldn’t move from stop sticks deflating the tires, according to deputies. They say he hit four other vehicles in the process.

Once the truck stopped, deputies say Myers got out of the truck with a knife in his hand yelling at the deputies to shoot him. He was then apprehended and taken to a local hospital in LafayetteLouisiana where deputies say he was treated for what's believed to be two self-inflicted stab wounds and K9 dog bites. He's facing a long list of charges, according to HCSO

Deputies say Ashley Lyon was found in the truck with 10 stab wounds and was also taken to a local hospital in Lafayette where she is listed in critical condition. Her condition changed to serious but stable condition later in the day Thursday, authorities said.

 “My daughter is strong, I know she’s strong willed, and with the community’s help and the help of the professionals and the love that we have for her, I know she’ll pull through this,” Lyon said.

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