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A viral video made by a German comedy network is causing some alarm among Justin Bieber fans.  The subject of the video is Mally, the pop star's former pet monkey who was seized and put into quarantine by German officials back in April. 

Mally has found a new home at a local zoo called Serengeti Park, but Beliebers were confused when the gag video showed a small monkey being kidnapped by two figures wearing Bieber masks. 


A spokesperson for the zoo Juliane Gunkel tells the "Hollywood Reporter" that they've received "nasty" messages from fans after the video started making the rounds.  Gunkel adds that the backlash has calmed since the zoo reassured Bieber's fans of Mally's safety.  She says that the primate is adjusting well to his new surroundings in an area of the park now sectioned off as "Mally-Bu."  

Photo Credit Getty Images