OK... how about THIS for a Friday... three new things for
you to worry about . . . :-)



1.  Skipping breakfast will kill you.  A new study out of Harvard found that people who regularly skip breakfast have a 27%
higher risk of a HEART ATTACK. 

The theory is that people who skip breakfast eat bigger meals later. 
That makes the body process more calories in a shorter amount of time, which can spike your sugar levels and possibly lead to clogged arteries.  (Forbes)



2.  Moving to the country to escape the city will kill you. 
You'd THINK that the slow, calm, non-violent rural life is better for you than urban life.  Well . . . NOPE.  A new study out of the University
of Pennsylvania
found the OPPOSITE is true.


Rural areas have a much higher rate of deaths from home accidents, falls, car accidents, and drownings, mainly because they're further from health care.  And that rate MORE than makes up for the higher homicide rate in cities.  (CNN)



3.  Smoking makes you a bad parent.  Smokers need
money for cigarettes . . . and a new study figured out the HARSH ways they get it.  20% of smokers admit they bought their kids fewer or cheaper clothes or shoes to afford cigarettes.


But it gets worse.  17% cut back on FOOD for their kids, 20% cut back
on Christmas and birthday presents, and 9% STOLE from their kids' piggy banks.  (Daily Mail)



Have a great Friday :-)