OK... here are four things to watch out for, since they MAY mean your boss doesn't like you.... Yikes! :-) 



1.  They don't clear their desk when you come in.  People put
up barriers when they don't like someone.  If you sit down and your boss moves a coffee cup in between you, or doesn't clear papers to the side, that might mean they don't want you there. 



2.  They aim their body away from you.  If you're talking one-on-one and the boss sits facing off to the side, that's a sign of distrust.  With people they LIKE, they'll tend to face directly toward them with their hands on the desk. 



3.  They talk in front of you.  This is more for male bosses, who like to stand side-by-side with people they like.  When a male boss stands facing you to talk, it could mean he doesn't see you as a friend.



4.  They only email you.  A boss who likes you will stop by your desk to talk, or call you for a real-time conversation.  Email creates separation.  If that's all you get from the boss, it might be a sign that they don't really want to talk to you at all.


And if your boss doesn't like you, there isn't much you can
do until you know WHY.  But you might start by showing that you like your boss . . . even if you really DON'T.  HAHA!!  And obviously one good way is to do the opposite of everything on this list.



Good Luck!  :-)