OK... Match.com has a list of the top things you SHOULDN'T wear!


Here are the top four if you're a man, and the top four if you're a woman.  See what YOU think!!!


For men . . .  


1.  Sweatpants.  And it's probably a bad idea if you're a woman too, because they make you look like you either just came from the gym, or just rolled out of bed.


2.  Flip-flops and shorts.  This one only really applies if you're doing something formal though . . . like having dinner at a nice restaurant.  If it's your tenth date and you're getting ice cream or something, it's fine.


3.  Any article of clothing that's covered in pet hair.  The worst is if it's something BLACK, because you can see hair on it.  This one should apply for women too, because it screams "crazy cat lady."


4.  Gold chains.  If it's a small cross or something you ALWAYS wear, that's okay.  Just don't show up looking like Mr. T.

(And if you're the type of guy who wears gold chains, you might ALSO be the type who uses too much Axe Body Spray, or wears dress shirts with half of the buttons undone.  Don't do those things either :-)



The four worst things WOMEN can wear on a date.



1.  Uggs.  They're probably better than Army boots, but they're still not a sexy choice for a first date or anything formal.

In fact, a woman has a better chance of pulling off flip-flops on a first date than Uggs.  But like sweatpants, they're fine if you've been dating a while.


2.  Anything a prostitute might wear.  Like stripper heels, thigh-high leather boots, or a really short mini-skirt.  The idea is, you want to look sexy . . . but not be dressed like Miley Cyrus.


3.  A top that shows too much cleavage.  This kind of goes with the last one.  But it gets its own spot, because some women wear outfits that are 90% fine . . . then they WAY overdo it with the cleavage.


4.  Long, fake fingernails.  A lot of guys assume that if a girl has ridiculous fake nails, she's probably high-maintenance.  Meaning, there's a decent chance she needs a lot of attention, and also wastes money on stupid stuff.