According to a new survey, 55% of women would break up with someone due to an annoying habit! 



Here are the five biggest dealbreakers . . .



1.  Smoking.  64% of men and women say smoking is the worst habit
someone could have.


2.  Not Listening.  22% of people say their boyfriend or
girlfriend's most annoying trait is that they don't listen.


3.  Being Bad With Money.  20% of people say being bad with money is a reason to call it quits, since how you handle your money says a LOT about how you handle other things in your life.


4.  Being Lazy.  19% of people would end things if their boyfriend
of girlfriend was a lazy couch potato.


5.  Hogging the Remote.  15% of people say hogging the TV remote
is their partner's most irritating habit.



(Your Tango)



*What's YOUR biggest relationship deal breaker???