The dating game has changed since Facebook came along.  So here are five do's and don'ts to keep in mind the next time you meet someone . . . see if you agree with these... 


1.  Don't friend someone too soon.  According to a recent survey, about HALF of people send a Facebook friend request either before the first date, or immediately afterwards. 

But you should wait until you've been on at least a FEW dates with
someone.  Because once they've accepted your request, they can see all your pictures, your status updates, and when other people comment on your stuff.


2.  De-friend each other immediately if things end badly.  De-friend
the person immediately if you stop seeing each other . . . since you
don't want them to still be able to see your posts.


3.  Think twice about what you post.  Think about how you're coming
across in your status updates, and treat everything you put on Facebook as public knowledge. 

If you're always whining about your day or airing out your dirty laundry, you're going to look negative or dramatic.


4.  Don't be a stalker.  Of course you're curious and want to click
around someone's profile page.  And that's fine . . . to an extent.

But here are some tips:  Never mention stuff in conversation that you
learned exclusively through someone's profile.  Especially if it took
some digging to find.  And limit the comments you make on their photos and updates.

Also, don't use the chat feature every time you see them online. 
Remember, just because you CAN have constant contact with someone
doesn't mean you SHOULD.


5.  DO use the "relationship status" feature carefully.  Changing your
relationship status is a big deal . . . and you don't want to jump the

Displaying that you're "In a Relationship" lets all your friend and
their friends know you're seeing each other . . . so you need to be on
the same page BEFORE you go changing your status.





*Got any to add?