Not everyone is born to negotiate . . . in fact, a lot of people HATE IT!  But you can save SERIOUS money if you give it a try.  Here are five tips for haggling over a price!


1.  Convince the person that a discount now will lead to more business
later.  So if you want a discount on a refrigerator, let the person know
you'll come back for an oven.  You'll be more likely to get the
discount, and it's not like you're lying:  You really WOULD be more
likely to come back if you got a discount.


2.  Don't be intimidated by a person's title.  People like doctors,
lawyers, dentists, accountants, and other professionals don't have their prices set in stone.


3.  REALLY be willing to walk away.  If you don't get the deal you
want, you should be willing to walk away.  You can always get what
you're looking for somewhere else.


4.  Pick a fair price.  Do your research beforehand and decide on the
price you think is fair.  If you try to get TOO much of a discount, you
won't get it.  But if you're reasonable and you have information on your side, that's an advantage.


5.  See if you can make a deal with cash.  When you pay with a credit
card, the business pays a fee to the credit card company.  If you pay
with cash, there's no fee . . . so you can use that to help the business
justify a discount.





*Have any tips to ADD?!