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Well it's Monday, so here are some easy tips from Real to avoid stress and have a fantastic day! 

1.  Eat the same breakfast every morning.  The idea is that your
morning is less stressful if your first meal is already decided.  And
you're supposed to make it healthy, like oatmeal or an omelet.  Last
minute choices tend to be stuff like donuts.  


2.  Savor your morning coffee.  It may sound crazy to slow down
when you've got things to do, but experts claim that you should try to ENJOY what you're drinking, instead of mindlessly gulping it down.   


3.  Write out an "ignore" list.  This is pretty much the
opposite of a "To Do" list.  Make a list of all the non-essential stuff that you can ignore . . . like emails that you don't need to answer, vacuuming, and anything else that you can postpone. 


4.  Take some time to zone out.  You're supposed to get to a place
where you're not thinking about anything.  But don't make it that
complicated.  Just let yourself listen to music, play a game, or watch TV, guilt-free. 


5.  When you ask "how are you?", actually listen to the
answer.  It's a throw-away question, and we don't really pay attention to what people say in response.  But try to.  It's supposed to lift your spirits, and help you connect. 


(Real Simple)


*I've found that GRATITUDE works wonders!  Any tips that YOU'D like to share? :-)