OK... six common myths about technology, from Yahoo! Finance.


1.  More bars mean better cell service.  Not true.  Bars represent signal STRENGTH . . . how close you are to the cell tower, and how much other stuff is in the way.  At a concert or a ballgame, you can have full bars but no service if too many people are making calls.


2.  A camera is better if it has more megapixels.  This is true to a certain extent, but we passed that point YEARS ago.  For the amateur photographer, the digital camera you already have is probably fine . . . even to blow something up.


3.  When you empty your computer's recycle bin, your files are gone for good.  Actually, they're still right there on the hard drive.  They're just marked as available for overwriting. 

Macs have an option called "Secure Empty Trash," which allows you to delete AND overwrite the files all at once.  For a PC you'll need to download special software to get rid of something permanently.


4.  Private browsing keeps you anonymous.  People can still spy on your activity if you're using private browsing.  It just means your visits won't be recorded on your OWN computer.  And if you're downloading files, obviously those can still give you away.


5.  Macs don't get viruses.  Macs are immune to viruses designed for the Windows operating system.  But lots of people are writing viruses for Mac OS X, so Mac users still need antivirus software.


6.   More expensive cables are better quality.  Especially for HDMI cables, you get companies marketing all these super-expensive cables, with gold connectors and braided jackets and stuff.  Don't be fooled.

People have tested the expensive cables against the cheapest ones available, and found NO difference in picture quality.  There ARE exceptions for some kinds of cables.  But don't buy the expensive one just because it costs more.



(Yahoo! Finance)



*Know of any others?