Some people start to get annoyed by the holidays around Thanksgiving, and
let their stress gain momentum right on through New Year's.  Here's seven
ways to break the cycle . . .


1.  Do something fun you used to do as a kid.  Think about when
you WERE happy during the holidays and recreate it.  Maybe it was
ice-skating as a kid or watching a favorite holiday movie.  Just do it
again and try to recapture the magic.


2.  Do something selfish.  You deserve "you-time" during
the holidays, just like the rest of the year.  So take a nap, or schedule
a massage or some spa treatments.  Don't waste time on guilt, just call
and schedule the appointment. 


3.  Go outside.  It's probably cold out, but that's actually great
for your health.  Keeping warm exerts energy, and you need fresh air when
you've been stuck in malls.


4.  Volunteer.   Helping other people is actually a great way
for YOU to feel better.  But don't force it by doing something you
hate.  Volunteer to do something you love.    


5.  Honor people who've passed.  You can get depressed during the
holidays if you think about someone you've lost.  So honor them by making
their favorite food, their favorite drink, doing the things they loved, and
ENJOYING it.  They'd want you to.


6.  Forgive your family.  They may be annoying, or worse, but they
probably love you.  So do yourself a favor and let go of any anger and


(Huffington Post)