OK... most of us find it hard to keep up with housework.  But it's actually possible to have an EXTREMELY clean house....



To help here are seven tips from cleaning and organizing experts:



1.  Make your bed RIGHT AFTER you get up in the morning.  It should
become a regular part of your routine just like brushing your teeth and
getting dressed.



2.  Don't procrastinate.  Dealing with stuff later means you accumulate
clutter.  So don't create 'piles' . . . go through stuff immediately
and organize it on the spot.



3.  Break down jobs into manageable chunks.  Assign certain rooms to
days of the week . . . like clean the bathroom every Tuesday, and do the laundry on Sunday.



4.  Get an empty basket and toss everything into it that doesn't belong
in the room you're cleaning.  Then walk around your house and
redistribute stuff to its proper spot.



5.  Motivate yourself.  Blast your favorite music while you go at it,
and set time limits and offer yourself rewards for completed jobs.



6.  Hide cleaning supplies in each room.  Most people keep all their
cleaning supplies in one place . . . under the kitchen sink.  Instead,
tuck some supplies into every room.



7.  Invite people over.  You KNOW you'll get your house clean before they arrive.



(Fox News Magazine)



*Any other tips YOU can offer?