"Marie Claire" magazine just came up with eight things men say to women that are supposedly LIES. 

Check 'em out:


1.  "I can't wait to meet your parents".  He MIGHT want to meet your parents.  But the "I can't wait" part is a lie.


2.  "I would never fantasize about another woman in bed."


3.  "I hate strip clubs".  Sorry, but "hate" is a strong word in this context.


4.  "You're so much hotter than other women".


5.  "That's the best sex I've ever had".  Every once in a while, this is PROBABLY true . . . but men also say it to give women confidence so they'll want to do it again.


6.  "I'm just going to finish this drink, and then I'm coming home."  He may not have even ORDERED that drink yet.


7.  "Why don't you come in for ONE drink?"  If he comes up with any excuse for you to come IN, then it's not for that thing.  It's for sex.


8.  "I really like your friends".  Maybe it's true.  But if it's NOT, he's not going to say that.  (Marie Claire)