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This one is for you if you're trying to lose weight... here are ten metabolism-killers you should know about!  A lot of them are common sense.  But some are pretty surprising....


1.  A weird eating schedule.  Eating at the same time every day
helps your body to burn calories more consistently.  If you eat
unpredictably, your body will try to store more fat.



2.  Pesticides.  Researchers in CANADA found that dieters who ate
more pesticides on their produce experienced a greater dip in metabolism than others.



3.  Sleeping less.  When you're low on sleep you tend to move
around less, which slows your metabolism down.  Also, your body uses less energy at rest.



4.  Eating too little.  On a diet your metabolism naturally slows
down, to conserve energy.  To lose weight, it's better to exercise MORE instead of eating LESS.



5.  Sitting in one place.  Even only 20 minutes in the same
position can slow down your metabolism.  Obviously this is just a
temporary thing . . . but if you're ALWAYS sitting down, your metabolism will ALWAYS be slower than it should be.



6.  Jet Lag.  Some research suggests that disrupting your
circadian rhythm will slow down your metabolism.



7.  Not getting enough calcium.  Calcium plays a role in how your
body decides whether to burn fat or store it.  And a high-calcium diet can help you burn more fat.



8.  Being dehydrated.  Pretty much everything in the body depends
on water.  If you're not drinking enough of it, you'll burn up to two
percent fewer calories.



9.  Skipping breakfast.  By the time you eat breakfast, you've
already gone for ten or more hours without food.  And that makes your body try to conserve energy.  One study said that people who skip breakfast are almost FIVE TIMES more likely to be obese.