ok... Match.com recently asked its users about the best and worst places for a first date! 



Let's see if you agree...



Here are the five BEST ideas for a first date . . . 



1.  Getting coffee.  81% of people thinks it's a good way to go on
the first date.


2.  A walk in the park.  70% say it would make a good first date.


3.  A local diner, 65%


4.  Brunch, 62%


5.  A concert, 45%.



And the five WORST places for a first date are . . .


 1.  Family functions.  81% of people would avoid bringing a first
date to a family function.  Which means 19% of people see nothing WRONG with bringing a first date to a family get-together?


2.  A club.  34% would avoid it on a first date.


3.  The movies, 31%.


4.  A bar, 28%.


5.  A sporting event, 24%.  (Match.com / Happen)



*Feel free to add YOUR comments below!