I hope you're having a GREAT Labor Day weekend... are you wanting another day off???  If you're not wanting to go back to work tomorrow... I WOULDN'T recommend any of THESE Excuses...!


Here are 10 REAL excuses people have tried to use to get out of work.  It's not clear how many actually worked... :-)


10.  My sister got kidnapped and I have to go find her.


9.  I gave up my plane seat to an elderly person and can't get back for
a few days.


8.  My dog didn't wake me up.


7.  There's a snake on my porch so I can't leave the house.


6.  I have to stay out sick because of a sympathetic pregnancy. 
That's when a GUY experiences a few of his wife's pregnancy symptoms.  Or when ANYONE close to someone who's pregnant has a few mild symptoms.


5.  My wife got a bad dye job and I have to stay home to provide moral support.


4.  My dog hid my car keys.


3.  I had to stay home to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.


2.  Martians kidnapped my boyfriend and I have to rescue him.


1.  I'm having trouble with my prostate . . . and the person who used
the excuse was a WOMAN.



(PR Newswire)



*Got any GOOD excuses you can share???  :-)