OK... whenever there's advice for guys on how to dance, the big takeaway is typically "HAVE CONFIDENCE."  Which is stupid, because it's just LIP SERVICE that doesn't really mean anything.



So here are five REAL PRACTICAL tips for guys on how to dance without looking like an idiot.... :-)



1.  Keep your chin and head up!  And make sure you at least LOOK like you're having a good time!


2.  Keep your elbows away from your body.


3.  Don't forget to move both the upper half of your body AND
the lower half.  So don't just move your arms and stand still . . . or
shuffle in place without moving your arms. HAHA!!


4.  Get in the middle of the dance floor, don't stand on the
fringes.  People are actually MORE likely to notice your bad dancing when you're alone and awkward on the edge of the dance floor.


5.  Don't try anything so crazy that you look like you're out of
control or uncoordinated.





*Any OTHER tips you can give the guys?  Feel free to add your below!