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(NEWSER) – A two-mile-wide tornado touched down near Oklahoma City yesterday, leveling the suburb of Moore and leaving at least 51  confirmed dead, reports ABC News. "It is absolutely devastating, this is horrific,"  Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb said. "We're going to have fatalities. ... We're  going to have significant injuries. ... We just don't know what those numbers  are. Schools have been hit, a hospital has been hit, businesses have been  flattened, neighborhoods have been wiped away—we don't have the numbers in yet  but it is going to be significant and it is going to be horrific."

Seventy-five students were sheltered in one local  elementary school, clinging to the walls as the tornado passed over, KFOR reports. Another elementary school received a  "direct hit," reports ABC. "Cinderblocks and everything collapsed on them but  they were underneath so that kind of saved them a little bit, but I mean they  were trapped in there," said one boy, who sheltered in a bathroom. The National  Weather Service says the tornado rating was at least EF4, which means winds of  166 to 200 miles per hour.