OK... A new survey gave about 1,600 Americans the opportunity to JUDGE all the other states in the country!  :-)

By the looks of things, everyone took FULL advantage.  Here are the results . . .


Best Food:  New York.  It just beat California, Louisiana, Texas, Maine, and Illinois.


Worst Food:  Alaska.  It's followed by Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, and Florida.


Most Beautiful Scenery:  Colorado.  It beat out Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Montana.


Worst Scenery:  Kansas.  New Jersey was a close second.  The rest of the top five are Iowa, Nebraska, and Nevada.


Drunkest:  Louisiana.  It beat out Florida, California, Nevada, Texas, and New York.


Rudest:  New York got almost half the vote.  The rest of the top five are New Jersey, California, Texas, and Massachusetts.


Nicest:  Georgia.  It beat out Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Hawaii.


Smartest:  Massachusetts.  It finished ahead of Florida, California, Washington, and Connecticut.


Dumbest:  Mississippi.  It beat out Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Louisiana.


Best Sports Fans:  New York just beat out Texas.  The rest of the top five are Illinois, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.


Worst Sports Fans:  Also New York.  The rest of the top five are Pennsylvania, Florida, California . . . and, for some reason, Alaska. 


(Business Insider)


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