Here's some new stuff on sleep you may find interesting...!


The National Sleep Foundation just released the results of a massive study on people's sleep habits. 



Here are their findings on sleep in the U.S. . . . 


The average American sleeps only six hours and 31 minutes . . . but
functions best after at least seven hours and 13 minutes of sleep.


Only 44% of us get a good night's sleep every night :-(


The average person uses TWO pillows.  But 14% of people sleep with four or more.


66% of people make their bed every day or ALMOST every day.


61% of people need to AIR OUT their bedroom at least once a week.


31% of us take one or two naps a week, 15% take three to five naps, 5% take six to 10 naps, and 1% of people take MORE than 10 naps a week.  49% of people take no naps.  And the average nap lasts 45 minutes.


21% of us sleep with our pets in the bed . . . that's higher than any other country in the world.  (That woule be me :-)


55% of us sleep barefoot and 12% sleep naked. 


(Sleep Foundation)


While we are at it... a new survey came up with the most common types of dreams we have... at least the ones we can remember. 


Here are the top five . . . 


1.  Being embarrassed in front of a crowd.


2.  Something going wrong at work.


3.  SEX DREAMS, with someone you know or a celebrity.


4.  Being naked in public.


5.  Completely nonsensical dreams.


The survey also found about two-thirds of people say their dreams regularly mess with their sleep.


(Digital Spy / Daily Mail)