Selfies may be popular but are you overdoing it? If you’re Ellen at the Oscars with a bunch of celebrities, that’s one thing. If you’re alone in your basement, well that’s kind of sad :-(

There are a few situations where a selfie may be in order:

Something really interesting is happening in the background, you and your adorable child are having a great time, you have an impressive injury, or you’re an astronaut. But even those selfies should be used sparingly to avoid looking lonely or self-absorbed.

If you think you might be overdoing it, check for these warning signs:

• You are over 15.

• You have more than one selfie per page of profile shots.

• You have any duck-face selfies.

• You have bathroom mirror selfies.

• You use pets and children as another excuse for a selfie.

If you’re really looking great and want to show the world, go ahead and ask someone to take your picture. If it’s just another day, stick to the original selfie – the mirror.