Wow.... I knew there were people out there who weren't happy in their marriage . . . but THIS many people? :-(


According to a new survey, here are six depressing stats about the
state of marriage.   The survey was done in England, so hopefully it
doesn't apply over here . . .



10% of people feel like they're stuck in a LOVELESS MARRIAGE.


15% wish they'd married someone else.


20% say they'd get divorced now if they knew they wouldn't have financial troubles.


25% say they're no longer in LOVE.


30% have given serious thought to ending their marriage or taking some time apart.


And finally, only 40% say their marriage turned out like they expected it to.


Of course the survey didn't bother to ask people any POSITIVE things, so we don't even have anything nice to balance it out... Feel free to add some positive things below...



(Daily Mail)




*Can you add any balancing POSITIVE things about marriage?