OK...  An online candy store called Candy Crate CLAIMS they have THE list of the 10 most popular summer candies, based on a survey of 2,100 people.  Check 'em out . . . See what YOU think...



1.  Salt water taffy.


2.  Gummy bears.


3.  Jelly fruit slices.


4.  Tootsie Rolls.


5.  Sour Patch Kids.


6.  Sixlets. 


7.  Zotz. 


8.  Astro Pops. 


9.  Watermelon gummy rings.


10.  Jolly Ranchers.



The company says Lemonheads, licorice, Sweetarts, Pop Rocks, and frozen chocolate bars just missed the list.



(PR Newswire)



*Any to add??!