Get this... "Reader's Digest" set out to find the 100 Most Trusted People in AmericaAnd along the way, they discovered that KRISTEN STEWART is the LEAST-trusted movie star!


The magazine compiled a list of more than 200 American celebrities, leaders and "opinion-shapers", and then asked 1,000 Americans to rate how trustworthy they are. 


Kristen scored a mere 24% . . . the lowest of any movie star on the
list.  TOM CRUISE was the least trusted MALE actor, with 27%.


At the other end of the spectrum, TOM HANKS got the highest score of ANYONE on the list, with 65%.  He was followed by SANDRA BULLOCK with 63%.



Here are the 10 Most Trusted People in America

1.  Tom Hanks


2.  Sandra Bullock


3.  Denzel Washington


4.  Meryl Streep


5.  Maya Angelou


6.  Steven Spielberg


7.  Bill Gates


8.  Alex Trebek


9.  Melinda Gates


10.  Julia Roberts



(Check out the top 100 here.)