Well, welcome to Labor Day weekend!  Are you hosting or attending a cookout by chance?  If so, here ya go...


The six most annoying couples at a cookout!

1.  The Grill Masters.  They're the ones who take over the grill
and make sure everyone knows about it.  If you try to do it your own way, they tell you what you're doing wrong.  And if you let THEM do it, they STILL have to explain it in detail. 


2.  The Sharers.  This is the lovey-dovey couple who share everything . . . they eat from the same plate, they take sips from each other's drinks, they try each other's desserts.  And they sit on each other's laps, even when there's lots of space. 


3.  The Boozers.  These two are great for an hour or two. 
They bring lots of alcohol, they mix drinks for everyone.  But halfway
through the party they're already trashed.  And then they start fighting, or they split up and complain about each other all night. 


4.  The Performers.  These two want to make everything into a reality show.  They make sure everyone knows what they're doing, and every conversation is either bragging about themselves, or gossiping about someone else. 


5.  The Health Nuts.  These two won't eat anything that anyone
else brings, and they ask you to scrape off the grill before they can cook their veggie patties.  Worst of all . . . they DON'T DRINK. 


6.  The Superiors.  These guys think they're somehow better than
everyone else.  You ask them to bring bratwursts, and they come with
artisan sausage.  They probably only came because they see your party as an interesting sociological experiment.


(MSN Living)


*Got any more you can add?