Alright, let's see how many of these you "know and love"... :-)

It's a list of the most annoying new phrases online, from and I actually haven't seen most of them.... I guess my friends AREN'T that annoying...


1.  "Totes."  Short for "totally."  Use this when you want to sound so cute that everyone who hears you is gripped with an irresistible urge to PUNCH YOUR FACE INSIDE OUT.



2.  "I am in you."  People say this to announce somewhere they've just arrived, as in, "New York City, I AM IN YOU!!"  You come off like a creep who's trying to sound ironically creepy, which is creepier than the creepiest thing there is.



3.  "Just sayin'."  This is annoying because whatever you just said, you JUST SAID IT.  You don't need to tell us again.


4.  "Wow. Just wow."  You're surprised, we get it.  You also need to work on your vocabulary.


5.  "YOLO."  Short for "you only live once."  Which was one of the most annoying clichés around, even before you tried to turn it into a sappy miniature version of itself.


6.  "Nom nom."  This is supposed to be the sound of you eating something that tastes really good.  Like Cookie Monster ripping through a plate of cookies.  The word "delicious" works fine here . . . and as an added bonus, you don't sound like a puppet.


7.  "Oh hai."  Which is supposed to be the same as "oh hi," except misspelled.  It's annoying enough already when people misspell things by mistake. 


8.  "Methinks."  This was annoying four hundred fifty years ago, when Shakespeare was still saying it.  It's not growing on anybody now.


9.  "Meh."  Use it to tell people you don't care.  But imagine what would happen to you if you said it in real life.


10.  "Amazeballs."  We all understand the temptation to put "balls" at the end of everything you say . . . when you're a ten-year-old boy.  If you don't fall into that category, keep your balls where they belong.






*Got any you'd like to add???