Well it's almost a little TOO obvious to ask women to name the things men are bad at.  But  the women in this survey clearly had NO PROBLEM jumping all over it :-)



The top 10 skills that women believe men LACK . . .


1.  Buying clothes for their wife or girlfriend.


2.  Remembering anniversaries and other important dates.


3.  Dancing.


4.  Ironing.


5.  Cooking.


6.  Basic domestic chores.


7.  Buying gifts.


8.  Multitasking.


9.  Wearing or buying fashionable clothes.


10.  Picking out furniture.


So what skills are men GREAT at?  Women rated men the best at changing tires, getting rid of spiders, barbecuing . . . and drinking alcohol HAHA!!

(Daily Mail)


*Additions or thoughts?