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Well with Halloween JUST over two weeks away I thought this may come in handy.  If you're thinking of going with something topical for your Halloween costume this year, this should help!  Or maybe you'll see it as what to stay AWAY from as many other people will be wearing these...


Google just released a list of the Halloween costumes that have gotten the most searches on Google Shopping so far this year. 


Here's the top 10... 


1.  The minions from "Despicable Me".


2.  Characters from "Breaking Bad".


3.  A fox . . . probably inspired by the "What does the fox
say?" viral video.


4.  The cast of "Duck Dynasty".




6.  Characters from "Minecraft", a modern
video game that looks old school.


7.  Daenerys Targaryen, the princess with the dragons from "Game
of Thrones"
.  (Her name is pronounced Duh-NAIR-iss


8.  Batman.


9.  1920s-style dresses, like ones in "The Great


10.  DAFT PUNK helmets.