OK, these come from the ReDormin Sleep Study...


The five things that help you sleep LONGER:

1.  Doing YOGA before bed adds 64 minutes of sleep time . . . and also improves the QUALITY of your sleep more than anything else.

2.  Having a small child in bed adds 24 minutes . . . but it's also the thing that hurts the QUALITY of your sleep more than anything else.  So you sleep longer, but not as well.

3.  Being in a calm mood before going to bed adds 24 minutes.

4.  Having an adult partner in bed with you adds 21 minutes.

5.  And having SEX before bed adds the same amount as taking a HOT SHOWER before bed . . . about six minutes.

And here are five things that COST you the most sleep:

1.  Being in an alert mood when you go to bed causes you to sleep 46 minutes LESS.

2.  Having a partner who snores costs you 14 minutes.

3.  Having your cell phone charging next to the bed costs you 11 minutes.

4.  Watching a movie right before bed costs 10 minutes.

5.  And having a fan running costs you nine minutes of sleep.

(Courier Mail)