OK, are these sad or funny?  (Or BOTH??? :-)


The top 10 completely shallow turn-offs...


The are courtesy of a discussion on Reddit.com.  Prepare to
feel vindicated that other people share your shallow turn-offs... AND
insecure that you're repelling people in ways you never imagined.  Ha!


1.  Low gum lines, or small teeth with large gums. 

2.  People with the same hair color as your brother or sister. 

3.  Women with large hands, or men with small hands. 

4.  Bad spelling or grammar in text messages and Facebook posts. 

5.  Women's eyebrows that are plucked too thin. 

6.  Men with really un-fashionable shoes. 

7.  A second toe that's longer than your big toe. 

8.  Brown eyes . . . because they're boring. 

9.  Irritating voices, or even worse, irritating laughs. 

10.  Piercings anywhere but your ears. 





*Any you can add below???