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OK... HUGE buzz about Gravity!  It stars TWO Oscar winners, an incredible story, insane special effects, and it's all in 3D! Yes it's also on IMAX! 

ALSO there is Runner Runner!!!

Justin Timberlake is the right hand man of an online gambling tycoon, who gets pressured by the FBI to turn on his boss.  Ben Affleck is his boss, Anthony Mackie is the agent trying to take him down, and Gemma Arterton is his love interest....! 


There are also these limited release movies!


"Parkland" is about the events after JFK was shot.  Paul Giamatti is the guy who filmed the motorcade footage, Billy Bob Thornton is the secret service agent who chose the route, and Zac Efron is the doctor at Parkland Hospital who tried to save Kennedy's life.  (Trailer)


"A.C.O.D." is a comedy starring Adam Scott as a guy who revisits the trauma of his parents' divorce, after they reunite for his brother's wedding.  "Glee's" Jane Lynch is his pseudo-therapist and Jessica Alba plays another Adult Child of Divorce.  (Trailer)


"Grace Unplugged" stars AJ Michalka from the band Aly & AJ as a girl who runs away from singing at church to chase her dream of singing in L.A.  James Denton from "Desperate Housewives" plays her born-again rock star father.  (Trailer)


"Bad Milo!" is a horror comedy about a guy with a creature LIVING IN HIS BUTT.  It stars Ken Marino from Adult Swim's "Children's Hospital"Gillian Jacobs from "Community" plays his wife and Patrick Warburton is his boss.  (Trailer)


* Which movie looks the best to YOU??!

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