Lifehacker put together a list of ways to be indispensable at your
job.  Meaning, ways to keep yourself from getting FIRED!


None of us want to be on the chopping block if there are layoffs at work.  So here are some ways to make sure you're invaluable. 


1.  Work on vital projects with high visibility.  Experts say you
should maintain a valued presence.  Here's what that means:  DON'T be someone who labors in silence behind a closed door.  Even if you're doing good work.  

Instead, ask to work on big projects, and make sure you're key to their success.


2.  Make your boss's priorities YOUR priorities.  Even if they
SEEM strange to YOU.  Obviously it depends on your boss, but it could be a lot of things:  Be faster . . . be more efficient . . . know how to
prioritize . . . ask good questions, whatever.


3.  Get training to boost your skill set.  One of the best ways to be
valued is to have skills that are in high demand.  Try to be an expert at something.  A few training sessions in a niche skill can give you an
advantage over your co-workers.


4.  Update your resume and be open to opportunity.  You may
not be planning to leave your job.  That's the whole point here.  But
if your skill set is competitive, other companies will want you.  And that makes you even more valuable at your current job.






*Any other ways to add?