Well... summer officially is OVER!  :-(

Here's something I found for you if you had a "summer fling"... is it time to end things?  OR... is it time to take it to the next level?!

Since you probably already know how to end things, here are four tips on how to make things more serious.... Good luck!



1.  Communicate:  You need to get on the same
page about what you both want.  If you started off as just a fling,
there's a very good chance that that's all it will be.  But you'll never
know unless you ASK.



2.  Manage Your Expectations:  You should be prepared for them to not feel the same way.  Keep your expectations in check, and don't be too disappointed if they're not feeling it.



3.  Change Things Up:  If you've been spending most of your time just hooking up, you're going to need to change things up.  Go out, see a movie, have dinner, do things that get you talking and learning more about each other. 



4.  Be Willing to Work at It:  Transitioning from a casual hookup to an actual relationship is tough . . . but not impossible.  Just remember that relationships take work . . . and there WILL be bumps along the way.



(Divine Caroline)



I hope these tips help!  :-)