OK... get this... According to Lifehack.org, most people only THINK they have to work full-time.... Riiiight.  Anyway, here are their six reasons why you should supposedly NEVER work full-time.


1.  It isn't necessary.  Easier said than done, sure.  But according to
them, even if you NEED all the money you're making, you could still
make it in other ways.  You could work fewer hours for a higher wage,
open your own business, or create passive income sources through
investments.  Sounds nice, right? 


2.  You'll be healthier.  You'll get more rest, and you'll have less
stress and more energy than a full-time worker.  You'll probably also
eat a lot better, because you won't be skipping breakfast and eating as
much fast food.


3.  You'll learn more.  Most full-time jobs are pretty repetitive. 
Once you're in them, you don't learn a whole lot of new stuff.  And you
have so little free time that you end up spending it all zoning out in
front of the TV, or surfing Facebook in bed.


4.  You can diversify.  Most of us HAVE to work full time.  And maybe you actually WANT to work full-time.  But you STILL don't need a full-time job.  You can get two or three part-time jobs instead.  It
keeps things a lot more interesting.  And if you get laid off, you don't
lose your whole livelihood at once.


5.  You'll be more productive.  You might think working part-time would make you lazy.  But working less is just as likely to make you work HARDER, to get more done in a short time and get to the FUN PART.


6.  You'll live longer.  All of this adds up to a much higher quality
of life, and you'll enjoy it for MORE YEARS.  Less stress.  More sleep
and exercise.  Better food.  An active mind.  That's the recipe for a
long life, plain and simple.



So . . . according to Lifehack, you only THINK it takes 40 hours a week to make a living, because everyone TOLD you that....