When Paul Walker passed away he was in the middle of filming the latest Fast & Furious movie, and instead of scrapping the entire project, the filmmakers are going to use CGI, movie magic and stand-ins. Paul's brothers will "play" the role. The family resemblance is unbelievable. I thought the brother on the right was Paul!

The resemblance is big! Vin Diesel having a chat with Cody and Caleb Walker ob the set in Dubai. #fastfever #fastandfurious7 #ff7 #fast7 #fast7official #fastandfurious #vindiesel #paulwalker #codywalker #calebwalker #dubai

#WonderfulNewsWednesday Cody and Caleb Walker, BOTH confirmed for #FastAndFurious7. As we had announced earlier, numerous body- and face- doubles were casted to the team to play Paul Walkers role with the help of CGI. And today we recieved the next awesome insider news: Caleb Walker, too joined the #FastFamily, where his brother Cody Walker had also agreed to a couple of scenes a few months ago! Feeling the #FastFever yet? Stay tuned for updates! #Fast7Official.