Looks like Derek Jeter is getting a new neighbor. Ryan Howard plays baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies and is building a HUGE home in Belleair Bluffs.

It's a modest 17,602 square feet, and the doorknobs alone cost $80,000. Can you imagine having to furnish this place?

He can choose from two Kitchens and three laundry rooms! Why do you need three laundry rooms?

You can forget about water sports (it is Florida after all)... A swimming pool complete with an underwater treadmill and lazy river that floats under the mansion.

I obviously am in the wrong business. I should have been born a boy and became a pro baseball! LOL

Check out the Tampa Bay Times article & pictures --> CLICK THIS

Wonder if he is going to have a housewarming party?

I found this video online of some random Phillies fan driving by the house...wow!