I'm trying not to be disgusting or inappropriate, but this is something all women deal with or have dealt with, so please have an open mind when you read this...

Do you hate having to go to the store to "buy supplies" for that time of the month? Or maybe you are looking for a fun way to introduce "Aunt Flo" to your pre-teen daughter? This new company may be your answer...helloflo.com. It's like a BirchBox for your monthly visitor, your shipments are timed to your cycle & the boxes include candy...seriously! (Yes, I am trying to incorporate as many codewords as I can into one blog).

The company website released this genius marketing video.

WARNING: This is a very tongue-in-cheek take on a woman's cycle, so you may not want to watch this with your young kids around.

Is this something you would sign-up for? You think it's a good idea?

Helloflo.com is taking pre-orders now and will begin shipping in September.