1.) Stormy Weather: 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms today, and a high of about 84. This pattern will most likely continue through the rest of the week. Hang in there! Click here to see the 7-day forecast from TBO.com.

2.) Summer Fun for Your Kids: They can learn to paddleboard! Tessa Blosser is a South Tampa teacher during the week, and a paddleboard teacher on the weekends. This summer she will be offering day-camp classes for kids ages 9-14 years-old. Click here for more info on Tessa and her camp on TBO.com.

3.) New Show on TV Tonight: Family Tools premieres on ABC at 8:30pm. It looks really funny from the commercials.

4.) There Will Be a Sequel! Magic Mike 2 will happen! Director of the first movie. Steven Soderberg confirmed the sequel will happen in an interview PrideSource. He also confirmed everyone from the original cast (yes, Channing & Matthew) will return for the second installment! Yay! No word on when the movie will be out, but start planning your "girls night out" now! Click here to read the article on Yahoo! Movies.

5.) Get Ready for Gatsby: The Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby comes out next week, but why not brush up on the story in the meantime. I just downloaded the audiobook from iTunes - and bonus...Jake Gyllenhaal is the narrator! Swoon! It's a decent deal, too - only $5.95. Click here to get it on iTunes.