A New Gadget Called #TheSelfie - Perfect Holiday Gift For The Selfie-centered

Photo: Gabba Goods

Got a selfie-obsessed friend you're shopping for this holiday season? We just might have the perfect gift.

Smartphone accessory maker Gabba Goods has developed a gadget to help iPhone owners take the best solo and group selfies possible, without having to hold onto their phones and awkwardly tap the on-screen shutter button.

Called #TheSelfie (hashtag included in product name), the gadget looks like a weapon detonator from a Cold War spy movie, or an old-school remote shutter release.

#TheSelfie's cable plugs into the headphone socket on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch model; a button on top of the detonator takes a photo either in the Apple camera or in several different iOS camera apps, like Instagram or Snapchat.

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