By Sarah Bertolino

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday to promote their newest flick, Blended.

Since the two have played on-screen couples twice before, in 1998′s The Wedding Singer and 2004′s 50 First Dates, they joked to host Jimmy Fallon that they get to fall in love again about “every 10 years.”

So of course, Jimmy suggested they sing about it!

In their adorable duet, Adam asks whether he was Drew’s favorite on-screen husband, by rattling off the list of her other co-stars — which even included Jimmy (he and Drew starred in 2005′s Fever Pitch — and Drew responded singing back to him that they both have great qualities.

The song ends with Adam singing, “I could be the man, who grows old with you,” an ode to their 1998 flick The Wedding Singer, which catches Drew off-guard, causing her to tear up.

What did you think of the endearing duet?