Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

Cameron Diaz called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning to talk about her new movie, The Other Woman, which is about a woman who finds out her boyfriend is not only married, he has another girlfriend … a topic that isn’t too far from Ryan’s Roses.

When Cameron said she couldn’t believe that, Ryan explained, ”A couple times now, we’ve had a woman call and say, ‘I found my husband is cheating and I know the other woman and I want to team up and bust him in a coffee shop or something.’ And we had to do it on the air …”

Not only does Cameron co-star with Leslie Mann and Kate Upton in the rom-com, but also Lady Gaga‘s boyfriend Taylor Kinney plays her other (non-married) love interest.

“He’s so great,” gushes Cameron. “He is, first off, easy on the eyes. And then he’s just about the kindest, sweetest guy ever. I met his mother the other night and I told her how impressed we were by her son and how great of a job she did. He was always the one who would get up for all the girls [and ask] ‘Can I get you anything?’ and he always came back with waters for everybody. He’s such a gentleman.”

And his famous girlfriend “came around” the set, adds Cameron.

“When we were shooting, she came out to The Hamptons with us and we got to spend some time with her, and she was awesome. Kate Upton turned 21 on the set while we were doing this movie and we were shooting in The Hamptons and we threw her a little birthday party at this little bar next to our hotel and they came out and hung out with us and we danced and had so much fun.”

The Other Woman is in theaters today!