Photo: Instagram

By Kathleen Perricone

Two very different duos have made headlines this week!

First was Bruce and Kris Jenner, who although separated, still seem very much together. On Wednesday, the exes arrived at LAX airport holding hands, causing some to question if the two have reconciled.

“I have high hopes,” says E! News‘ Ken Baker, who called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning to dish on the famous couple. “I was looking at it and saying, ‘Wow they might be back on.’ You know, they go away, they’re in a tropical area … and they reacquainted themselves. I checked into it and I’m told they ‘re still just friends. They were holding hands in a friendly kind of way, but they are not back on.”

Another twosome who have buried the hatchet is Justin Bieber and fellow pop star Austin Mahone. The singers — who had been feuding after Austin was spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez — posted photos of themselves in a recording studio together in Miami.

According to E!’s sources, “Justin invited Austin to come and hang out and record a song that he thought Austin would be great on. So they spent a couple days working in the studio and had a great time. And we’re told that Justin really respected him.”