Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

 Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz play a married couple who make a personal video only to have it go “up to the cloud” and out to the public in the new comedy, Sex Tape.

And when the actor called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday to talk about it, we also had a little something extra for him … surprising Paramore singer Hayley Williams, who has a huge crush on Jason, with a phone call!

As for his new movie, “It’s about this moment in a relationship where — I think a lot of our friends are going through it — you start out really hot for each other. Ten, 15 years into the relationship when kids, jobs and sort of life gets in the way, you realize you haven’t been intimate with each other the way you used to be.”

Jason says that making the tape in question in order to spice up their love life was a real exercise in creativity for him and Cameron, as well as the director Jake Kasdan, to come up with the random objects they included in the scene.

“The surprising hero of these scenes was the prop guy,” he jokes. “Who had come with a box of props for this scene in particular that had some of the strangest stuff in it,” like a cactus.

Luckily, Jason and Cameron have been friends for a while, so they were comfortable with the rather uncomfortable sex scene.

“We did Bad Teacher together, and we only had a week of filming together, so when we got to reunite … Cameron is so game for comedy,” he explains. “As soon as she saw I was going to go for it as hard as I could, she felt like it was kind of game of comedy chicken.”

When we patched in Hayley on the phone for her big surprise, she was naturally at a loss for words, but she did get out, “Oh my God, Hi!”

After some banter about being fans of each other — Hayley plans to see Sex Tape on her next day off — Jason asked her about being on tour with Fall Out Boy. “It’s good, we’re like a month in,” she replied. “It’s been rad. I’m loving it. We don’t get to the west coast until August, but if you’re in Irvine you can see us on the 16th.”

“I’m always in Irvine in August,” joked Jason. “This is perfect. I summer in Irvine.”

Sex Tape is in theaters on Friday!