Credit: Scotty Davis

Are you ever in a rush and stop to eat fast food but feel guilty immediately after? Happens to me all the time. Well, we're in luck!! came out with a list of the healthiest options at all the major fast food chains. Check them out and eat a little bit healthier next time you're in a hurry!

Try: Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich, fruit and walnuts, black coffee.

Get the grilled chicken sandwich, with extra lettuce, tomato, and no mayo. Skipping the mayo saves you about 6 grams of fat and 50 calories, bringing it down to 300. Want to make it even lighter? Ditch the top half of the bun to cut back nearly 165 milligrams of sodium, 100 calories, and almost 20 grams   of useless carbs. As a side, go for the fruit and walnuts [210 calories and   only 60 mg of sodium].

  Try: Six-inch Turkey Breast Sandwich on nine-grain wheat bread

Load up your turkey sub on wheat bread with veggies, avocado, and some mustard.   This is the best food-on-the run solution because it's got all you need: protein, fresh veggies, and a carb, for 360 calories. Plus, it's very satisfying, and   who doesn't love a good sub?

  Try: Grilled Chicken Drumsticks, green beans, mashed potatoes, unsweetened iced tea

Believe it or not, there are healthy choices at KFC. You don't have to revert to a side salad to eat well there. To lower the fat your my order, it's crucial   to strip any skin off the drumsticks—they taste great, even without it.   As for the mashed potatoes [90 calories and 320 mg of sodium], dip the fork   in the gravy rather than dumping it on. It saves almost 30 calories and I still   get a hit of flavor.

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