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Prom season is here!! Money Talks News has 7 ways to find a cheap of even FREE prom dress:

1. Rent

If you’re only going to wear it one night, why not rent it? Renting a   dress is much cheaper than buying one outright and you might be able to afford   trendier pieces this way. Prom dress rental shops are popping up in several   major cities. Bridal and tux rentals in your area might also rent bridesmaid   dresses that double as prom dresses. You can also look online:
•Rent the Runway
•Lending Luxury
•New for the Night

2. Customize an older dress

If you aren’t confident enough in your sewing skills to make a dress from   scratch, you can still save a ton by recycling an older dress. Pick up new fabric,   beading and supplies from a fabric store and then add your own touches to a   dress you already own or one from a thrift store, or alter the dress by changing   the length or sleeves.

3. Organize a dress swap

If you don’t want to wear an older dress, set up a dress swap with friends.   Family friends may have prom dresses they wore once and now have no use for.   You can swap your older dress with theirs and save 100 percent of the cost of a new one.

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