Restaurant Saves Woman Who Put "Please Call Police" On Grubhub Order

A New York restaurant saved a woman after they received a Grubhub order with startling "Additional Instructions". In the notes, the woman put "Please call the police" and "Don't make it obvious"!

Turns out it was a rape victim, and thanks to the restaurant's quick thinking, a man was arrested and charged with rape, unlawful imprisonment, and assault. (See the story below)

According to Inside Edition:

The Chipper Truck Cafe, a Yonkers eatery open 24 hours a day, received the desperate plea Sunday at about 5:00 a.m., owner Alice Bermejo told Inside Edition Digital. The note, included in the online order form's "additional instructions," asked for police help and said "Please don't make it obvious." Quick-thinking employees at the Irish cafe immediately called the owner's husband for guidance, Bermejo said. "It was a strange message because you could see that it was wrote like in a hurry," she said. "It wasn't correct. So we could see that it was someone that was in distress.," Bermejo said.


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