Dads Luke Bryan and Zac Brown Share New Songs About Being a Father

Luke Bryan and The Zac Brown Band just came out with new songs about being fathers and they've got us getting a little emotional!

Luke Bryan's "Build Me a Daddy" was summed up perfectly by fan Drew Davis.

"Listened to this while in Afghanistan right now! Tore every string of emotion right out of me! I'm stuck here due to the travel ban. I have five handsome boys counting on my return. Super strong song Luke! you nailed it."

And check out Luke's two sons, Bo and Tate making an appearance at the end of the video.

This new song from The Zac Brown Band was such a nice surprise right now. It sounds semi-autobiographical and it's so great to hear the guys singing about love!

Sounds like a song that may be a Daddy-Daughter song at weddings in the future too.

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